Cymballand is the distributor of “100% Handmade B20 Turkish Cymbals” in Germany. It is founded in Berlin by the drummer and endorser Bülent Ecevit Albayrak who has used B20 Turkish Cymbals for 12 years. The motto of Cymballand, which aims to sell drummers high quality, totally handmade, B20 Turkish Cymbals with “best prices”, is “From Musicians to Musicians”. Cymballand knows very well that a drummer would like to get to know the cymbal, which he/she would like to own, with all its features (appearance, sound, the material it was made of, manufacturing process, etc.). Therefore, it gives the opportunity to the drummers in Berlin and its surroundings to decide on the cymbals by testing them directly on a drum-set. Furthermore, it provides an opportunity for the drummers who visit Cymballand to get to know the Handmade B20 Turkish Cymbals in their supplies audio-visually. 


   Handmade cymbal manufacture began in 1623 in Istanbul-Samatya. Firstly, they were manufactured as “Mehteran” cymbals for the Ottoman military orchestra using antique techniques, afterward as cymbals for modern music. Therefore, Turkey is accepted as the homeland of modern cymbals.

  ‘’Turkish Cymbals’’ was founded in 1996 in Istanbul by Mehmet Tamdeğer. He worked in Istanbul – Samatya with the Zildjian family and learned all the details and tricks of cymbal manufacture. Currently, he is the only craftsman alive, who worked with the Zildjian family and knows the techniques of handmade cymbal manufacture. After the Zildjian family immigrated to the USA and started manufacturing cymbals using machines, Mehmet Tamdeğer decided to continue manufacturing handmade cymbals in Turkey. First, he founded his own company called “Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals” and later he helped during the foundation of the company Turkish Cymbalson a partner’s interest. All the craftsmen and artisans of the factory were trained by Mehmet Tamdeğer and he is still the latest person to finalize the manufacturing process by checking and confirming the cymbals.

      Manufacturing Process of the Cymbals:

    – Raw materials of the cymbals, which are copper and tin, are selected, prepared for casting, melted at a very high temperature, and poured into the pots.

  – The material is taken out of the pots, flattened by the cylinder, and put into the oven.

  – After taking it out of the oven, it is flattened by cylinder a few times more. The remaining parts on the edges are cut and a hole is made in the middle.

  – It is hammered by hand at least for 20 minutes and at most for 40 minutes.

  – The cymbal is spun upon a lathe according to its serial number and polished later.

  Every handmade cymbal has its own character. Each of them is a unique masterpiece. It is the harmony of handcraft.

Turkish Cymbals is one of the best four brands in Turkey which manufacture handmade cymbals.  The countries we have been working with for many years are:

  In Europe:

  Spain (24 years), Italy (17 years), Hungary (19 years), the Netherlands (24 years), Portugal (13 years),   Belgium (10 years), Czech Republic (11 years), England (15 years), Poland (14 years), Germany (Cymballand, 6 years), Bosnia & Herzegovina, Romania.

  Outside Europe:

  Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Israel, Russia, Japan, Korea, China, Arizona (US), New York (US), New Zealand, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia.