Dennis Hoffmann is a young modern drummer from Berlin-Germany. He is engaged in different styles of rock (Punk, Metal, and Hard-rock) and is furthermore able to mix all these styles to one orchestration.

Born in 1989 in Berlin, the large fascination for music has always been an important part of his life. However, it skyrocketed at the age of 13, when he got the chance to become a member of a music project at school and started to play an instrument.

  At this moment, when he entered the room, his first choice fell on the guitars. Nevertheless, he changed his mind, when he saw the drums and got impressed by the power and complexity of this instrument. He took the chance and started to play the instrument.

  Right from the beginning, he learned to play drums with other musicians and enjoyed mutual enrichment. Soon after, he founded his first band Arsen together with guitarist Norman Wycisk and bassist Dennis Gille. After he spent some years with a few side projects in different styles, he entered the band Tangent Plane (Progressive Metal). This band opened new horizons to him and helped him to enter the next level.

  In 2008 he started drumming on a more and more professional level and got great progress due to his engagement in Arsen and Tangent Plane, where he also gained a lot of studio experience.

  Nowadays, his focus is straight on band Arsen, with which he wants to reach the goal of popularity. Alongside this, he is taking jobs for different bands, which need a drummer for live performances or studio sessions.