The Ad Astra series is the evolution of Özgür Can Öney’s extensive studio and live concert / touring experiences, combined with the creative knowledge gained while working closely at the Turkish Cymbals factory with our master cymbal smiths and our signature artists. With over 20 years of performing experience world wide, Özgür’s focus was to create a big, dark, and dynamic cymbal series with controlled and textured expression.

The term Ad Astra originates from the timeless Latin phrase “Ad Astra per Aspera” (Through Hardship to the Stars), a quality profoundly ingrained in the creation and the soul of this series.

These unique cymbals resemble an Ottoman shield in design and radiate with vivid features:

The series is dark in color and texture due to the intense oven fire burning process, creating a distinctively elegant and uniform sound balanced for a variety of musical situations.

The surface of the cymbals are hand hammered and unlathed providing for precise and controlled articulation with a tempered sustain.

The bells are lathed and slightly larger than typically found in other series, creating a clear and cutting attack without overbearing overtones.

The Ad Astra series is perfectly matched for Rock, Funk, Fusion, and Progressive music styles, whether in the studio, stage, or the universe beyond

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